Wall and Crack filling interior & exterior

Wall water proofing and Crack filling interior and exterior

Do you want a solution to leaky walls, wall dampness, wall damage due to fungus and moulds?  RK Waterproofing is providing you with all types of waterproofing solutions for walls.
The major cause of dampness of walls is cracks.  As a leading company in this industry, we are providing high-quality crack filling services for both interior and exterior walls. We do crack filling work for ceiling and strengthen your ceiling with crack grouting.  For concretes, we do crack filling and grouting work.  We use crack filler to fill cracks on interior and exterior surfaces with easy-to-use, non-corrosive, acrylic crack filler.  Along with crack filling, grouting, wall plastering, and waterproofing are also done to protect interior and exterior walls.

Step By Step Process