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We are Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai & Salem, provide permanent waterproofing solutions for roofs, terraces, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, pools, walls, water tanks and more. We protect your buildings from damages due to water leakage, seepage, and heavy rainfall.

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RK Waterproofing – Professional Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai & Waterproofing Company in Salem Tamil Nadu.  

The company has built a strong customer relationship for many years through its excellent waterproofing solutions availing innovative and advanced technologies. RK Waterproofing offers on-site analysis and does best waterproofing for roofs. We carry out new roof waterproofing and also old roof waterproofing.

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We provide waterproofing services for your buildings to make them water resistant in order to protect them from damages caused due to penetration of water.

Water Leakage

Proper waterproofing of building structures is essential to prevent deterioration and leakage. Our experienced team of professionals repair all kinds of leakages in your properties.

Crack Filling

Cracks caused due to land slip, clay shrinkage, and vibration weaken your buildings. Our team will perform perfect crack filling to strengthen them.
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By using Grout, a mixture of sand, cement, water and some chemicals, we repair concrete cracks and fill gaps in tiles for sealing and waterproofing

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RK Waterproofing has the best Waterproofing Contractors Chennai for roofs of your commercial and residential buildings.

Qualified Expert

Our employees are qualified experts who have the knowledge about damages caused by water and the best waterproofing solutions to resolve them.

Flexible Schedule

We work for you at your convenient time. We are ready to perform the waterproofing procedures at flexible schedules of your choice.

Workmanship Quality

The key objective of a project is quality. Our aim to achieve good quality is fulfilled by the best workmanship quality of our workers.

Affordable Package

We offer excellent waterproofing services at affordable packages.

Quality Professionals

Quality professionals who know and understand the standards of durable waterproofing and testing measures after the completion of work are at your service.

Special Offer

Avail special offers based on your requirements of waterproofing solutions for your residential and commercial properties.

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RK Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai do the perfect job for leakage and seepage caused by damages and cracks on terrace slabs, uneven slope surfaces, clogging of drainage pipes and heavy rains result in stagnation of water on the roof.