RK Waterproof for roof

Open Roof Tile Water Proofing

RK Waterproofing – Professional Waterproofing Company in Tamil Nadu.   The company has built a strong customer relationship for many years through its excellent waterproofing solutions availing innovative and advanced technologies.  RK Waterproofing offers on-site analysis and does best waterproofing for roofs.  We carry out new roof waterproofing and also old roof waterproofing.

Leakage and seepage caused by damages and cracks on terrace slabs, uneven slope surfaces, clogging of drainage pipes and heavy rains result in stagnation of water on the roof.  This leads to severe dampness in the ceilings of the interior parts of buildings and also damages the look of expensive interior paints.  We apply waterproofing membranes and waterproof cement for roofs which guard them from water penetration.  RK Waterproofing has the best waterproofing solutions for roofs of your commercial and residential buildings.

Step By Step Process