Tar Sheet Laying Roof & Roof Garden

Tar Sheet Laying In Roof And Roof Garden

RK Waterproofing – Suppliers of Waterproofing Tar Sheet for roofing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  Tar sheet is a form of roofing felt or roll that is made up of modified bitumen waterproof membrane with felt and glass fiber .  It can be easily applied.  Absorption of vibration, flexibility at low and high temperatures, resistance to dilute acids and alkalies are its important properties.

Steps to Apply Tar Sheet:

  1. Cleaning of the surface to get rid of foreign materials.
  2. Applying bituminous primer.
  3. Tar sheet laying with hot blown Bitumen.

Are you searching for Tar sheets for your roof garden?   RK Waterproofing are the best Tar sheet installation service providers near you.

Step By Step Process