Roof Garden waterproofing

Roof Garden waterproofing

Roof garden waterproofing is one of the most important phases of roof top gardening.   Properly applied waterproofing systems have a long service life.

RK Waterproofing furnishes your roof garden with a membrane that meets the following characteristics:

*Resists ultraviolet rays.

*Resists root penetration.

*Withstands severe temperature changes and atmospheric conditions.

*Resists surface wearing while construction processes.

*Flexible to meet building movement during any construction work.

*Withstands impact of insects and microorganisms, subsoil animals and soil chemicals.   *Can stay in place over an indefinite life span without degradation.

*Prevents water penetration.

*Capacity to remain submerged in wet conditions.

*Durable and able to resist destruction from heavy weight.

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