Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing

RK Waterproofing is the leading water proofing and building maintenance company in Chennai.  We are the distributors for the latest technology waterproofing solutions for terrace in Tamil Nadu.  We undertake old house terrace renovation.  We perform terrace crack repairs and use wall and terrace crack fillers to prevent further waterway terrace cracks.

We, RK Waterproofing, are the suppliers of all types of water proofing materials at affordable cost to protect your commercial and residential properties.   We have many solutions like membrane waterproofing, brick bat coba waterproofing, Acrylic polymer waterproofing, chemical waterproofing treatment and elastomeric waterproofing.  The waterproofing of newly built concrete roof is done by applying waterproofing layer directly on the structural slab.

Brick bat coba waterproofing is used to seal cracks and water leakages.  It hides the untidy marks and provides elegant look to the structures.

Membrane waterproofing is the installation of impenetrable watertight barrier over surfaces of terraces of buildings to prevent water penetrations.

Terrace crack sealants and terrace crack fillers are used on terrace surfaces to withstand severe climate, weathering, heavy rains and environmental conditions.

Walls and other structures of buildings can also be sealed with wall crack fillers. 

RK Waterproofing provides waterproofing services as per contract specifications and customer satisfaction with right quality, safety and cost.

Call use for estimation regarding your needs and terrace waterproofing cost.

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